Entrepreneurship State Aids in Turkey

Entrepreneurship that has begun to take place in Turkish economic agenda is increasingly growing in the world. This recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship is advantageous in Turkey as well as the other developing countries. Entrepreneurship reduces unemployment via contributed to the increase of welfare level. Therefore, increased Entrepreneurship State Aids and disseminating entrepreneurship culture the totally country are of vital importance for the Turkish economy.

Entrepreneurship State Aids in Turkey

Turkey Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) support entrepreneurship in order to increase entrepreneurial activity. State Aid Program main aim is to ensure survival in the first year of the initiative both fragile.

Now let's examine KOSGEB Entrepreneurship State Aids.

KOSGEB Entrepreneurship State Aids Program support entrepreneurs in the sectors with the support of KOSGEB (manufacturing, trade, service, information ...) Applied Entrepreneurship Education that is 32 hours duration is required in order to benefit from the program. There is no requirement for entrepreneurs to graduate from the university. Entrepreneurs deliver to the business plans to KOSGEB Directorate after establish a company.

Entrepreneurs explain the business plan to the evaluation committee was created in support of the Directorate. Feasibility of the establishment of business plans, human resource capacity, capital are evaluated by committee based on criteria such as sectorial needs in province. If committee appropriate business plans, entrepreneurs give written contract to KOSGEB Directorate. Support the process begins after the written contract.

Entrepreneur in Turkey

KOSGEB gives 16.393 $ entrepreneurs to grant and 32.786 $ is given interest-free repayment support. Entrepreneurs have to give letter of guaranty in order to get interest-free repayment support. Support payments are made to a certain extent, unlike other institutions. For example, entrepreneurs buy 10 thousand $ (Tax excluded) machine, KOSGEB pay 6 thousand $. KOSGEB makes positive discrimination for female entrepreneurs. For the same example KOSGEB pays 7 thousand $. (Support ratio may be different in Turkey. Min %60, max %90)

Foreign citizen benefits from Entrepreneurship State Aids Program. There is no any restriction in State Aid Program for the foreign citizen. If you want to establish a company in Turkey, you can benefit this and other State Aids.

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Can foreign person apply this state aids?
Yes, foreign person can apply this support program.
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